Michelle Parra

Change is the only unavoidable constant to which humans are subject to throughout their lives. Therefore, learning to adapt and thrive in the unknown is one the most relevant assets one can posses.  

At my 22 years of age, I have had the chance of living in three different countries, which as a result has made me extremely familiar with change and the advantages of adaptability. 

I was born and raised in Queretaro, Mexico where I lived for 17 years until my family decided to relocate to Coppell, Texas. After completing my senior year of high school at Coppell High School, I decided to attend the University of Augsburg in Germany. At the Augsburger Universitat I completed a semester with a coursework in Political Science, Politics of the European Union and received a Goethe B2 language certification. 

Attending Law School has been my professional goal since day one. Reason why in January of 2018 I transferred to Penn State in order to complete my undergraduate studies and later attend Law School in the U.S. 

Upon my graduation in May 2021, I will be working as a legal assistant and will later pursue a J.D degree. I want to focus on International Law given that this specific field allows for litigation within the fields of International Politics, Economics and the Legal field. 



Your Honor, Members of the Jury, May it please the court...

Mock trial has been a great and deep in-rooted interest for me ever since the first time I had the chance to be part of the prosecution team at the NSLC Law & Advocacy program at Georgetown University. 

At Penn State, I had the chance to be a part of the Mock Trial Association and attend the Scarlet Grey Invitational at Ohio State as well as the invitational at Rutgers University. 

In the Mock Trial Association at Penn State I have found a community of incredibly talented, passionate and fun people that have only heightened my college experience so far.

Check out Penn State Mock Trial website at www.psumocktrial.org

Community Involvement 



Creating awareness for a better, more educated tomorrow.

I recently joined the team of Political Awareness as a Political Intern. Some of my duties include, drafting legislative and regulatory correspondence as well as writing articles and features on the organization's website. 

Political Awareness is a non-partisan organization that seeks to bring together everyone regardless of political ideology by providing political non-biased education and bring light current events.

I am particularly passionate about this initiative given my firm belief that politics is a great tool for society if used consciously and based off awareness.

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