Recent graduate from the Pennsylvania State University with a B.A in Political Science with a minor in Law, Crime & Psychology and a Legal studies certificate. Currently working at Cooley LLP in their Reston, Virginia office. 

I am particularly passionate about domestic and international politics and how they interact with the legal field. I have extensive experience with public policy analysis, research design as well as legal research but am excited to continue to further my knowledge in law related endeavors. 

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As a Political Science Student, developing critical skills for policy analysis of current domestic and world affairs is a key aspect in the field's educational curriculum.

Throughout the course of my upper level political science courses, I have developed research projects that cover topics such as voting behavior and clientelism in underdeveloped countries, national security and the role of nuclear weapons in the international community. 

I have most recently started publishing some articles for the Political Awareness Organization. 

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 From real-world courtroom experience at the Erie County Courthouse to the Mock trial's prosecution team; striving to be a well rounded person has always been an interest of mine and my activities outside school reflect that.